Tech Talk December 2015

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Tech Talk December 2015

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iPad Tips

  1. You can install alternate keyboards for your iPad that have some cool features like swipe type! Search the App Store for ‘keyboards’ and find one that you like!
  2. iCloud can let you sync your photos between iOS devices! Go into Settings > iCloud > and turn Photo Stream on!
  3. You can save websites to your home screen by tapping the button with a box with an arrow sticking out of it and selecting “save to homescreen.”
  4. You can get notifications when someone shares something with you on Google Drive! Go into the drive all, click the three lines in the corner, and then tap notifications.
  5. You can add new filters to your email accounts to just show emails from today, messages you were CC’d on and messages with attachments. Just click the edit button on the account menu in the mail app to add these filters.

App Reviews

Speed test – free
Take a look into how fast your wifi really is by using this free app to analyze the network latency and upload and download speeds. I would rate this app a 5 of 5 because of the beautiful user interface and interesting application.
Watson Trend – free
In this app, you channel the Watson supercomputer, the computer that infamously won jeopardy back in 2014 and look at trending products and topics. Watson stand trillions of posts, blogs, and articles to determine what products are hot and a good deal. I would rate this app a 2 of 5, because it is an interesting concept but is very bland and rough.

PDF Expert
In this app, similar to Notability, you are able to annotate PDFs and draw all over them. This app is very powerful and interesting to play with. I would rate this app a 4.5 of 5 because it is easy to use in its editor mode, but can be hard to navigate the menus.
Micro Battles
In this multiplayer app, you get assigned a daily mini game- it can be anything from a pixelated soccer game to a sky-high dogfight. This app is simplistic in both its control and pixelated style, and I would rate it a 4 of 5 because you can not choose to play a different mini game per day without buying the premium version.


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