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About Thewball.com

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Welcome to Thewball.com! Over the years we have grown to offer web hosting and more features as opposed to previous versions of this website. This website was created by Matthew Fitzgerald as an ongoing project.

We also offer hosting services here at Thewball.com.Our services are completely FREE! Yes, Free! No strings attatched, however you want to put it, you pay nothing and get excellent web hosting for up to 10 domains for free. If you are interested, please consider visiting Thewball.com Hosting to get started.

Matt is a student who is intersted in the different sciences such as engineering, systems design and analysis and robotics. He is also fascinated with music composition, filmmaking, writing, and photography.

Through this website, you will be able to gain web hosting services along with access to Matt’s endeavours into the arts and sciences along with helpful projects and an all around fun and interesting user experience.

Many people ask me “Why Thewball?” Interestingly enough, a backstory to this name originated from the time I was born. I had a tough time growing hair as a baby– I did not get my first haircut until I was two years old. Don’t worry, everything was fine. My father told me that I looked like a cue ball. Cue ball, like the big white orb you use to break in pool. I could see how that was a feasabe name. I had no hair and I was pale as a ghost. My dad changed the words ‘cue ball’ into thewball to incorporate my name of Matthew into the mix. So in turn, I adopted the name– If you see anyone with the username thewball, chances are it is me. And that is now the name thewball came to be. When I wanted to make a website, I wanted to choose a name that would be unique: Thewball was the answer.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see you back again.

Remember, a good website is never finished, so please excuse errors, dust or frustration in using this site. My deepest apologies.

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Matt Fitzgerald

Matthew Fitzgerald is the creator of thewball.com. He has done work in web design, computer building, system designs, eCommerce, tech repair, and software development. He has lots of experience in working with Linux servers and windows networking. Some of his hobbies include drumming, gardening, and music composition.

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