No Cost Reprogrammable Percussion Pad

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No Cost Reprogrammable Percussion Pad

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I built this helpful percussion assistant on one Saturday morning. It is a real help, and it encompasses a $600 percussion synthesizer that you would find at a music store. This device has a lot more freedom for programming and how many pads you can have on the unit.


  1. An old keyboard (ps2/usb doesn’t matter)
  2. a music stand
  3. duct tape
  4. cardboard
  5. screwdriver
  6. paper towels

Got everything together? Let’s get started!

  1. Designate how many pads you want. (I have 22)
  2. mark the keys that you want to place a pad on
  3. Take apart the keyboard until you see the backs of the keys.
  4. Pop out every other key that you didn’t mark. 
  5. Reassemble the keyboard.
  6. cut pieces of cardboard to fill the regions that you marked for a pad to be. 
  7. Take the paper towel and fold it hamburger style twice.
  8. cut the paper towels to fill the pads you cut and duct tape over the paper towel onto the pad.
  9. attatch the pad to the key that you didn’t punch out with duct tape. 
  10. attatch down the corners, bt be sue that they aren’t too tight to where the button is always pushed down. 
  11. download fleximusic orchestra from here: Download FlexiMusic Orchestra Mar2004
  12. Place a MIDI sound over each of the buttons that you designated a pad on.
  13. Click the drum option and pick a sound.
  14. Repeat this for each pad.
  15. Plug in your keyboard into the computer and click the on button in the top left corner of fleximusic orchestra
  16. Attach your drum pad to the music stand with duct tape.

And that’s it! You can play the pad as if it were another drum!

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