Print from your iPad anywhere!

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Print from your iPad anywhere!

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Hi there!Today I will be showing you how to use Google Cloud Print to print from anything to any printer anywhere. This project is one that I have worked with for years and is still in beta stage, nut is stable for normal use. I have tested it for over a year. It allows a non-network-enabled printer to work with your iPad from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
Enough backstory… Lets get to it!
What you need:
A Computer

A Printer connected to the computer that you want to print to

an iPad

Google Chrome web Browser

an internet connection

a Google account

Here is how to get it done:
Download and install Google Chrome. Since this is a cross-platform compatible browser, most operating systems are supported. This allows for you to use any windows, linux, or Mac machine with Google chrome.

Once that is installed, click the three-barred tab in the upper right hand corner and then select settings from the drop down menu. 

Once you are in the settings menu, click the box that says ‘Sign In to Google Chrome’ and then fill in the boxes with your Google account information. This is vital to the working of this system

After that, scroll down the screen in the settings page and then click the link that says ‘Show Advanced Settings’

Look for the option that says ‘Google Cloud Print’ and then click on the ‘Manage’ button

Make sure that the printer that you want to print from is properly connected and installed correctly. 

Click the ‘Add Printers’ button

You will be rediriected to a new page where you can now choose what printers that you want to add to Google Cloud Print-you can add more than one printer.

There will be a confirmatiion message on the screen. Click Manage your printers and then you will see your printers in a row. You can share printers to other Google users if you want from there. 

On your iPad, download and istall the Google Drive app.

Sign in to the Google Drive app with the same account that you used to set up the printer.

Click the ‘i’ icon next to a document that you want to print.

Click the print icon in the menu in the right side that comes up. 

Select ‘Google Cloud Print’ from the popup

Select the printer that you want to print to.

Select the options that you want for the document and then click the ‘print’ button

Viola! Your document will print in a few seconds after clicking the submit button. 

You can now print any document that is uploaded to Google Drive

To upload to Notability from Google Drive:

Click the export icon

Then click Google Drive. You will be prompted to sign in if you have not already. Make sure that it is the the same account that you used to set up the printer. 

Choose a format (PDF if you want to print it)

Choose a location to save the file.

Open the Google Drive app and then do the same process as listed above

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!
Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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