Make Homemade Thermal Paste!

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Make Homemade Thermal Paste!

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Is your computer overheating and you have no extra thermal compound to fix it? Snowed in? Can’t get to the store? How about fixing that problem yourself by making some jerryrigged thermal paste until you are able to get to the store and actually get some real stuff!


What you need

  1. Toothpaste – Use toothpaste without grit or whitening additives in it– the more basic the better!
  2. Petroleum Jelly – Any kind will do
  3. A Bowl – this just needs to be large enough to mix up some compound
  4. A toothpick – Mixer / Applicator

How to do it

  1. Get your materials together.
  2. Take all coolers and heatsinks off of the overheating cpu.
  3. Add 75:25 mixture of toothpaste to petroleum jelly into the bowl
  4. Mix with the toothpick until you can’t mix no more!
  5. Use the toothpick to apply the newly made paste to the cpu.
  6. Re affix all heatsinks and coolers and then let the compound set for an hour.


NOTE: I am not responsible if this causes your computer to overheat again. If that is what happens, then I would look into a new heatsink, better airflow, or more fans.

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